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In today's fast paced electronic age people expect instant service and instant gratification. Industry spends millions of dollars researching and developing methods to deliver their products to their customers in a timelier manner.

Banking today, is striving to better serve, in quality and time, its customers as evidenced with the innovations of the debit card and Internet banking, allowing customers access to any product or service 24/7. The banking industry is moving its revenue reliance from interest income to transactional-based models such as Cheque Source Inc. is offering a financial institution. The paradox in banking is to provide this fast service in a more personal manner. With the Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution, timely service and instant fulfillment are accomplished while enhanced customer service is assured.

Technical Support

Cheque Source has online technical support and our 1-877-856-9200 line in case of software and hardware concerns.


Implementation of the Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution starts with cooperation with a financial institution’s information technology (IT) department. Cheque Source Inc. will provide the financial institution, at no cost, “a right to use” of the Cheque Source Inc. application software served on the internet.