Cheque Source Inc. History

  • Incorporated in February 2000 to conduct market research and software development in the cheque printing market place.
  • Several financial institutions within Western Canada were identified that needed a cheque order and printing solution that offered their customer’s better service and competitive pricing. Cheque orders were taking ten days to three weeks to fulfill, errors were occurring and overall service levels were unsatisfactory.
  • During this period, the market was changing as personal cheque usage had reduced significantly due to the introduction and heavy usage of debit cards and eBanking. Customers were requiring fewer personal cheques therefore the traditional volume of 100 and 200 order cheques were in less demand.
  • Cheque Source Inc. developed operating software that can reside on a client’s Intranet or on the Internet. This results in the customer’s ability to have cheques produced at any branch, in any location, from any teller, at any time.
  • Today, Cheque Source Inc.’s clients provide their customers with personal cheques, business cheques and US account cheques, all branded with the client’s image from any teller station at any branch, while they wait.
  • To facilitate reduced order quantity requirements, orders as small as four personal cheques or two business cheques are produced on demand. Orders are produced, bound if necessary and delivered in minimal time, while the customer waits. Current Cheque Source Inc. clients are realizing a per order margin increase of 30% to 100%.
  • Today, over 60 Financial Institutes enjoy the Cheque Source Inc.'s cheque printing solution.