Market Background & Solution

In today's fast paced electronic age people expect instant service and instant gratification. Industry spends millions of dollars researching and developing methods to deliver their products to their customers in a timelier manner.

Banking today, is striving to better serve, in quality and time, its customers as evidenced with the innovations of the debit card and Internet banking, allowing customers access to any product or service 24/7. The banking industry is moving its revenue reliance from interest income to transactional-based models such as Cheque Source Inc. is offering a financial institution. The paradox in banking is to provide this fast service in a more personal manner. With the Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution, timely service and instant fulfillment are accomplished while enhanced customer service is assured.


Implementation of the Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution starts with cooperation with a financial institution’s information technology (IT) department. Cheque Source Inc. will provide the financial institution, at no cost, “a right to use” of the Cheque Source Inc. application software served on the internet.

In concert with the financial institution personnel, Cheque Source Inc. would install cheque printers in all branch locations. These cheque printers would be linked to the internet and exclusively used for the Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution. All supplies such as customized cheque blanks, MICR toner, binders, wallets, cheque registers and binding components would be supplied at branch level by Cheque Source Inc. Inventories would be fulfilled by Cheque Source Inc.

Branch personnel would be fully trained by Cheque Source Inc. with input from the financial institution’s IT department.

Cheque Source Inc. would recommend a staged roll out to all branches, details to be mutually agreed upon. Ideally, the financial institution would designate specific branches, which would be fully operational to the satisfaction of the financial institution’s IT department, and Cheque Source Inc., before full phased rollout is initialized.

Once operational in the financial institution’s environment, cheque printing; business cheques, personal cheques and US account cheques would be ordered through “any teller station”, printed in branch and immediately delivered to the customer at time of order. Databases would be maintained and updated to shorten the order entry process in the future. Initial orders would be keyed, subsequent orders would be database activated through account number entry. The database would track all customer information regarding their cheque order including last number recall.
The Cheque Source Inc. cheque order and printing solution is a complete solution. Cheque Source Inc charges all orders on a per order basis. Cheque Source Inc. supplies all application software (right to use), cheque printer hardware, consumables, and reports. All cheque base stock can be the financial institution’s exclusive design.

Reporting, tracking and billing will be monthly or more frequent. All billing will be to the financial institution. The financial institution will direct debit its account holders at suggested retail prices. Reports will be generated by Cheque Source Inc. detailing usage billing by branch, by product, by customer in a format to the financial institution specifications.

Cheque printing has arrived in the new millennium as a new process, due to Cheque Source Inc.