Software & System

Cheque Source Inc. has the software capability to would with any financial institution under the following formats:

  • Integrated into a Banking System:
    For larger organizations Cheque Source will adapt the system to work within the Printers framework on the banking system for the most optimal use and benefit to your tellers and customers. Cheque Source retains no access or rights to your customer information.
  • Within a (CRM) System:
    This allows organizations the use a Customer Relationship Software to house the Cheque Source system within it for their use. This option is works similarly like the above listed except the debiting of the clients account sometimes becomes a separate entry.
  • Local Intranet:
    This is used by mid sized credit unions. This option is operated like the internet version, but keeps all member information within the credit union’s environment.
  • Internet:
    This is a system that runs independently outside of the banking system. Member’s accounts are debited after the transaction is completed. All transaction information is stored within the Cheque Source secured server.

Cheque Source designed the software to create the easiest environment to print Personal, Business and Primary cheques in the fastest possible time. With this system, your tellers can produce multiple books of personal cheques to our customers in 3 minutes.


Cheque Source is the Canadian preferred supplier for Source Technologies printers and products. Being the exclusive provider of Lexmark MICR laser printers and their support guarantees Cheque Source will continue to provide the best in product and support. The ST9630 and ST9650 printers used in this environment utilize numerous SECURITY and MICR PRINT QUALITY features to ensure your institution integrity.

Cheque Paper

Cheque Source uses the highest quality DocuCheck Impede paper. It provides the highest level of security available. Effectively counters all top cheque and document fraud techniques while providing authenticity verification. The patented LineMark feature optically changes from light to dark depending upon the transmitted of reflected light. The white front (with white or colored back) allows for printed security features, and importantly, conformity with ANSI X9.7 Standard for cheque backgrounds. Impede TonerFuse II Coating fights alteration attempts by fusing toner into the paper and causing the paper to visibly delaminate when toner is removed with tape or by scraping. It uses Chemical-Reactant Stains with sensitivities to both high and low polarity solvents used in the alteration of cheques.

Cheque paper has both invisible fibers and paper machine watermarks for use in authentication. To ensure that the MICR toner adheres to the cheque stock, toner grip is applied to both sides of the paper.