Technical Support

Because Cheque Source only invoices after the financial institution has printed cheques, we must provide the best and quickest technical support available. Unless the financial institution is capable of providing cheques to its members, Cheque Source cannot generate revenue. This ensures that our clients service needs will always be addressed in a timely manner.

Cheque Source has online technical support and our 1-877-856-9200 line in case of software and hardware concerns.

To ensure quick response to printer issues, Cheque Source has designated print supplier support offices with Cheque Source printers. This allows a printer to be switched on site quickly and therefore negate the staff worry of an unknown technician behind the counter for lengthy periods of time.


Cheque Source with the support of suppliers provides personal service for ordering supplies either through direct email or phone. Each financial institution would order the supplies required with the assurance that the order would be satisfied within a 72 hour period. In cases of urgent needs, a call to our 1-877-856-9200 line would allow Cheque Source to expedite the order.

With warehouse space and printing plants across Canada, Cheque Source and its suppliers are completely satisfied with our ability to address all the cheque and paper stock needs of our clients.